Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Breakthrough! Oh - hang on.

Last night, driving home in the dark and rain after my last Chinese lesson of the year (where my tongxuemen and I gave a very lacklustre performance of rang shijie chong man ai - thanks to liulianxiaoyu from the Chinesepod forum for the help in finding this song) I switched on the radio to hear the presenter say "And now we'll listen to some famous lines from that most famous of Irish plays". The next thing I heard startled me. I could have sworn that the actors were speaking mandarin Chinese. I didn't understand what they were saying, but it was clear that I was hearing chinese. But this is an Irish play, dating back to the start of the last century!

"Breakthrough!" I thought to myself. I'm starting to hear the Chinese language even where it doesn't exist. Finally this language is getting under my skin. Fantastic! I was soon to be disappointed. The presenter returned to explain that this was the mandarin version of Playboy of the Western World, by J.M. Synge, as produced by an Irish theatre company . The show has already played successfully in Beijing and is about to open in Dublin. According to the director, who was interviewed during the broadcast, the cast will return to China and play in Shanghai (so check it out there Chinesepod people!)


Chris said...

Hi Brendan,

Glad to see that you are back posting again :).

I often hear Chinese when it isn't there a bit worrying if you start hearing whole sentences though so a good job that it was real ;).

Brendan Lawlor said...

Thanks Chris,
I thought nobody was reading until I read the comments to my posting for help on the forum. I plan to make a bigger effort to keep it more regular.

I'd happily live with hearing voices in my head, as long as they were grammatically correct...

liulianxiaoyu said...



Brendan Lawlor said...

Thanks liulianxiaoyu! I'll do my best!

Chris said...

Brendan, you will probably find that most people who read don't comment. I didn't have any comments for ages but then again I forgot that I had set them for moderation (coff...).

I think the more people that blog about learning Mandarin the better :)