Thursday, July 05, 2007

ChinesePod Practice Plan: Day One

In a word: excellent (or in three characters, 非常好).

Vera is my tutor and she came really well prepared or else she's great at thinking on her feet. In either case, the effect was good. What impressed me most was how she wove together the elements of the lesson, and my only somewhat convoluted personal circumstances (Irishman living for the Summer months in Sardinia), to ask me questions that I was often able to answer, and always interesting in trying to answer.

I definitely learned a few things, but most of all, as with the Velcro theory of learning that Ken from CP has mentioned recently, now I have another hook. Today, Chinese was not just something that I read and heard, it was something I spoke. I've been missing my local language class in Ireland for quite some time, and these 10 minutes this morning were a great boost.

My goal above all is to lose as much nervousness and self-consciousness as possible when speaking Chinese. It's inevitable to feel this to some extent (hell I feel it when speaking English under some circumstances!) but too much of it interferes with the flow. That aspect, and some progress in getting over the current 'hump' in learning that I've been in for a while, will be the criteria I use to judge if the overall experience has been worth the effort and expense.


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Brendan Lawlor said...

Thanks liulianxiaoyu. I agree. The more I speak, the better I will speak - as long as I'm speaking to somebody who will correct me. As I've said elsewhere, practice makes permanent (as opposed to the common perception that practice makes perfect).

I haven't given up my schooling - the more sources the better. It's just that school is out for the summer, and in any case, my teacher is back in Ireland and I won't be there until August.

Thanks for your continued encouragement. It really helps.

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